cake class IV

Woah. My final little cake class resulted in learning how to make those roses. You know the ones- the ones that you would want on your slice of cake as a kid, but then when you grow up they are a little” too much”.

That’s why it’s good to have kids or dogs around when there’s cake.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love butter-cream.

Just not big blobs of it.

Now, before we get to flowery cakes, let me tell y’all what I have planned this week- (hint: a giveaway!)

Truffles. Not just chocolate, but fancy-holiday flavors…mmmm.

Cookies. My step-daughter requested soft sugar Christmas tree cookies. I just so happened to get three new tree cutters. Woohoo!

Rum balls. Last year, my hubby bought me a special snowman container just to store rum balls in. They’re his favorite holiday cookie ball. I can’t call it a cookie if it’s not baked, right?

Need something savory?

I make a Christmas morning casserole that’s mmmm. You can eat it on regular days, too. There’s no rules with food.

So, that a few things with a giveaway tossed in. Oh yeah! Giveaways are yummy.

Back to cake:

I made a 4 layer strawberry filled cake.

I pointed out some props used. Yes, that pastry bag is THE BOMB for frosting cakes.

this is what it looked like before it came home from class…

and this is it  the next day.

Yeah, I added some cookies. And practiced my flowers more. I was quite fond of this yellow one:

My frosting was too stiff with the pink ones…

Wanna see my classmates’?

I love this one- it’s so “tea party”!

This icing color made us all chuckle. Um, let’s just say something phallic happened in class with it. 😉

What a pretty cake.

I love the whole “Alice In Wonderland” thing going on!

I love the my first cake. You can only write that once, you know…

mmmm, pink n yellow just look so purdeee together.

Oooo- I made these flowers out of royal icing, and let them harden. Then I stuck them all over the cake.

The same day I made those, I made eyeballs for my upcoming gingerbread men and snowmen,  Santa and reindeer cookies.

I have a bag of icing eyeballs in my pantry.

Hmmm, that just may be my quote of the day.

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