what I ate last night..

With my little contest going on, you guys are giving me some awesome ideas and suggestions. Because, honestly… I get stumped sometimes. I have about 17 meals that I rotate for dinner during the month, and we usually have taco night once a week. Because, tacos rock. So… sometimes I don’t have new dinner idea for y’all…sometimes the pictures are awful, sometimes the food looks good, but it’s thrown on a paper plate because neither me or the hubby want to do dishes… and sometimes it’s a soccer night, and last night was a soccer night.

We ate this:

Wet burritos

(you can click on it, it’s okay…)

I made them in the afternoon, covered em with foil and chomped em up after the game.

I think every Tuesday I will have this segment…even if we just eat fruit loops. 😉

There’s no school today.

I am taking my girls on a picnic after I vote.

We’re going to eat PB&Js and Halloween candy.

That’s just fun.

Tonight I am having a brined roasted chicken.

I may get pics of that.

I need to bake.

The cookies are gone.

OOOOO! And guess what????!!!!

It’s supposed to get cold.

(this weekend)

okay, now stop laughing.

Cold for me is a high of 70.

now, really stop laughing.

Even our weathermen are calling it “sweater weather”

You can laugh at them, now.

We’re going to make chili with jalapeno cheddar cornbread.

And, I found the perfect excuse to bake a cake.


Little things in life are nice.

So are big things.

Like weddings, birthdays and babies.

Heck, life is nice.

I’m in a good mood today…I hope I rubbed off a bit. 🙂

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