Happy Halloween!

First of all, I want to tell everyone how much I love the comments on my contest! Yippee! Seriously, they make me soooo happy. You guys really rock-thank you! Now…in case you forgot to make cookies and don’t have time for cut outs-(they do take time) . Why don’t you make this tried and true booty friendly one:

You can also do em’ without the spiderweb, then they are okay for “regular” cookies. But, I am sure y’all knew that anyway…you guys are smart.

cocoa spiderweb bites

Yum. So,there ya go- they are one step above slice n bake in easiness. (Okay, you need a bowl. And a spoon. )

And, don’t fret- I have so awesome things planned this week-a lot based on all you guy’s ideas and comments, so… keep em coming! Have an awesome Halloween!

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