paprika chicken with onions and Swiss

Well now:

First of all- is that “protected” post bugging you as much as it is me?! What the &*%$ is that about?!

It’s sitting there waiting… like a patient girlfriend and a diamond.

Hopefully I can publish it soon. For now, I’m moving on and giving y’all a nice quick and easy meal-with cheese. Swiss cheese in fact.

Melted Swiss…

This is a quick and simple meal to make,  and you don’t need any fancy pants ingredients. It’s one of those recipes you can make on those evenings where you say, “Oh crap- I forgot all about dinner.”

Do you have days like those? Yes, I do, too. I know that sounds crazy- because I’m a food blogger, but- I assure you I have those “oh crap” nights. It’s usually Saturdays. Because my hubby is home and I get distracted. Or, I will have an idea and say, “Let’s have _____” and then he will say, “Eh, not in the mood for that.” Then I will ask what is he in the mood for and he says, “Don’t know, ask me later.”

Then 6pm rolls around and nobody has figured it out.

You start with some chicken boobies.

Season em up…

Cook up some onions. Hey! Do you say onions like this: “Hun-yuns”? I do, it’s my inner Cajun chef. 😉

Set aside your “hun-yuns” and cook up your chicken.

Place your onions back on top of the chicken, and top with cheese. How easy was that?

I found the recipe here: Paprika Chicken with Onions and Swiss
It’s all ready for you to print and make for “those” evenings.

A special thank you to Sargento for allowing and sponsoring me to create this post.


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