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The boulder I live under

You know the expression: “You must live under a rock!”

Well, my friends… I’m pretty sure I live under a boulder. And, it’s gotten even larger having two toddlers and a baby.My boulder is filled with homeschooling, diapers, bottles, toddlers, chicken nuggets and laundry.

Seriously: If it’s not on Peppa Pig, I probably will not have a clue about it. For instance, the lab technician at my pediatricians office had this conversation with me:

“Oh! Her nickname is Kiki? Do you sing that song to her?”

Me: “Ummm, there’s a song?”

On another occasion a few years ago, a friend came over with a Michael Kors bag. I got all excited and said:

“Oooo, your purse has my initials on it. What’s it stand for?”

(my husband later went to go purchase one, and quickly changed his mind after seeing the price tag)

Then there are days I’m a sleep deprived idiot that lives under a rock.

Those days are interesting. You know, handing over your gas station bonus card to pay for groceries. Whoops.

There are other days, however where the boulder is a very lonely place. I don’t keep up with trendy society,I don’t have time to pee by myself, much less read the really interesting book that everyone is talking about, I’m too tired to stay up to watch the new TV shows,I don’t talk politics, I avoid sports, and I’m not a gossip, so I really have issues with making adult conversation.

Am I forever stuck with the topic of  weather?

It’s hot out. End of conversation.

The boulder can be lonely when you cannot contribute to friendships the way you want to. There are “simple” friends I simply adore. I long to sit and have coffee with them, and hear about their stories, their life, and embrace the refreshment from a conversation. I call them “simple” friends, because I have not complicated things by opening the opportunity for real conversation. Why? Because it’s simply ¬†complicated. Orchestrating time when there is none. Orchestrating a conversation when chaos ensues.

The boulder can be a lonely place to live under.

But: it doesn’t have to be.

Because there are lots of people that have boulders of life they live under. It may not be filled with the same things as mine, and I love that. Because, the things that make our lives also make us who we are.

My boulder may be filled with kid’s shows, toys, bottles, diapers and a pre teen girl obsessed with gymnastics, but it’s also filled with warmth, safety, faith and most of all, love.

My boulder may shield me from trendy society, but in this unfiltered world we live in: I’m content not to know everything.

But: what about the loneliness? The lack of substantial friendships?

Invite people to join you under the boulder.

Invite them into the world under your “rock” you live under. Chances are, it will open up their world, too.

Don’t be ashamed of your chaos.

Chaos is life.

Have a blessed day,

Love MK






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