rosemary-olive bread

I love bread. It is my friend… it’s my carrier for sandwich fillings and the toast to my French- Bread is one of those foods that I really don’t think  I could do without. I love it’s crusty outside and warm, chewy inside…even better with olives. I love olives….

rosemary-olive artisan bead
rosemary-olive artisan bead

Let me tell ya, I have a bread machine- and, I use it often. But when the temperature FINALLY got below 90, I had the uncontrollable urge to get working with dough. I tried Play-Dough, but I “kneaded” something that smelled better… well, more appetizing.  I also have this rosemay bush, that is almost as tall as me (I’m short) so… I dug through my massive cookbook collection and came across  Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking ( I think I got it for like, 19 bucks at TJ Maxx- I heart bargians!) here is the recipe for Olive Bread (I tweaked it a bit. I do that a lot.)


Speaking of bargians, check out the pound of yeast ( in date!) I got at the flea market! FOR TWO BUCKS! I was a very happy mama. But, it coming from the flea market, I needed to proof it. Proofing yeast is basically making sure they are alive.  Give em some presents ( warm water and sugar) and they will get all jiggy on you! (foam)


3 3/4 tsp of yeast in 1 c warm water with 1tsp sugar. Wait 5-10 min


It should start to get foamy and bubbly. This is what yeast that is getting jiggy looks like.


now add 1/3 c olive oil, 1 c bread flour, 2 c all purpose flour, 2 tsp salt and stir it together….with a wooden spoon. (just because I like wooden spoons…)


now, you knead the dough to make the bread. ( hardy, har har) Knead for about 7 minutes and 31:4 seconds. Exactly. Not really.. just till it gets elastic- like this:


nice dough. good dough.


my mom is forever giving me expensive treats- ( she knows I won’t buy them for myself…) I love my mama…these are the olives I used. She gave em to me…


pitting them by hand was the pits….I needed a cup of em, chopped.


work em into the dough… yes, add more flour as needed….


shhh… place in an oiled bowl and let it take a nap under a damp towel in a warm spot. Now, go play for a couple of hours….


It got all jiggy while you were gone….now punch it down and knead in 2tsp rosemary shape into a nice round  shape and place it on something non stick- parchment or a silicone baking mat..I have a sil-pat. I got it wholesale from the health food store I managed. It’s all stained and worn.But it still works, sometimes things that are worn and stained just have such character…. oh! I am rambling here….

IMGP3167 cover your bread and let it get all jiggy again. (rise) about 1hr. Dust it with flour. Bake it at 450 for 45 min.


mmm… your neighbors will thank you for making the street smell good….ENJOY! love, MK

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