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I was not in a cooking mood yesterday. Do you ever get that way? Fortunately we had stuff in the fridge for leftovers…and bratwurst to grill, so I took some pics of my life. It’s soooo interesting. (not really)IMGP3127

this stuff intrigued me at the Latin market- I thought it was a cereal, but- it’s a drink (duh) I found some other neat things to do with it online…(that’s a later post)


You know you’re a mama when your wine glass resides next to a sippy cup… and  a snack cup. There will be a time when she will be drinking out of big girl cups…. I kinda like the funky colorful no spill ones, myself. ( I just can’t bring myself to sip wine from one, though….)


She was very quiet in her room, creating this little guy. He’s all thumbs, ya know….


these little tea cakes inspire me ever so! One day I am going to duplicate them- not with plastic, though.


tea party time… no wine here!


fresh bratwurst… leftover twice baked potatoes, sauteed peppers and onions…


…the house was smellin good…dessert?


after my parents go to church- ( it’s like a date for them because they haven’t lived together in 26 years, but never split up- WEIRD!)…. they go out to lunch and usually drop off some black and whites for the girls. YUM!

I hope you enjoyed your evening with me…sorry there weren’t too many food pics- and raw brats aren’t too appealing, next post I will try to entice the tummies more!

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