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gingerbread scones

First of all- these are soooo easy. Second? When you bake them, people will swear you live in a gingerbread house. They smell that good. Go ahead, open your windows and make the neighbors hungry.

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For these you will take the folloing steps:

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In a bowl, combine:

2c flour                                                                               1/2 tsp salt

4tbs brown sugar                                                       1 tsp ginger

2tsp baking powder                                                  2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp baking soda                                               1/4 tsp nutmeg

Now, cut in 1/4 c of butter. I have a pastry blender… but, I ended up using 2 knives. Fingers work too… if you don’t happen to have either. 🙂

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now, in another bowl, combine 1 egg yolk (save the white!) 1/3 c of molasses* (see note at end) 1/4 c milk and a wee dash of vanilla.

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mix both mixtures together. Mama’s tips- don’t over mix! Nobody likes tough scones! I dded some currants for texture. Pat your dough into a nice fat circle… hmmm 7-8″ or so. Now cut it like a pizza-pie!

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remember that egg white? of course you do. Well you just brush that on top of your slices. See the stuff that looks like salt? It’s giant sugar crystals. I got it at Michaels. Comes in mighty handy. Purdy, too. Ok- get to baking. Put 3 logs in your wood stove- hahaha got ya! Nah, cook these little guys at 400 (whew!) for 12 min.  I let mine cool for a bit. Then they got drizzled with a glaze made with confectioners sugar and milk.

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* note- gee, thanks for sticking around for this note! Here goes:

There was a papa mole a mama mole an a baby mole. One day papa mole stuck his head out of his mole-hole and exclaimed: “MMM-MMM I smell pancakes!” Mama mole came up and said, ” MMMM-MMM I smell bacon!” Baby mole came up and said, ” I don’t smell anything but molasses!”  Get it? 🙂

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