chicken main dish

roast chicken with herb-cream wine sauce

Roasted chicken….there’s  just  something  so  simple  and  cozy  about a meal a simple as a roast chicken with a creamy herb gravy….or sauce if you want to sound fancy.


I chopped up the parsley, rosemary an a thyme and added it to 3tbs butter, add 3tbs flour to make a roux, add in 1/2 c dry white wine, 1/2 c chicken broth fresh ground pepper, salt and appx 1 -1.5 cups  whole milk…bring to a boil over med-hi heat… it will thicken up nicely. So that’s it:  my roast chicken, I always soak it in a brine before roasting.. this time it was a wine-broth-garlic brine for 6 hrs before roasting. I didn’t jot down that recipe though. Maybe because I had a few hundred , okay it was four little kids telling me they were hungry. My kids are always hungry. Like, they are hungry 3 seconds after dinner.  2 seconds after snack, and the instant they finish breakfast, it’s: “ Momeeeeeeee is it snack time yet? Momeeeeee I’m hungry.”


I’m not too sure what I’ll do when they are teenagers. I hear they are hungry all the time, too.

Hungrier than bored four year olds?

Time will tell.

Speaking of time. I’ve been in the mom time warp forever now. Fourteen years ago, I started this blog. I had little kids.

Fourteen years later, still got the blog, and still got little kids.

Kids keep you young.

People swear they age you, but I don’t think so. I probably should find a pic or something to prove my point…


I think they keep your mind active, and your body moving, and having them later in life helps you to appreciate the whole picture of raising up good people to go into the world. Think about all the people you know: who are your favorites? Chances are, they are the people that were kind to you, and kindness is something that needs to be nurtured, and put into practice at a young age; so it becomes not only a habit, but a part of who you are. It starts young. For a kid, it sometimes comes naturally, other times it doesn’t. (Ever NOT want to share your favorite cookies?) 

Teaching kindness and appreciation for people, and all living things (including bugs and plants) is so important. Dare I say more important than reading? Sometimes, yes. It is.

I know a lot of jerks that can read. YOU, however, are not.

Unless you’re her…..  

But; that’s a whole new post for one day later when I’m feeling the need to write a saga about how bad some people can be. Today, I choose kindness.

Roast chicken with herb gravy

Course Main


  • 1 whole chicken 5-7 lbs
  • 1 tbs each dried parsley
  • 2 tbs kosher salt
  • 1 tsp garlic either fresh or granulated
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 1 tsp rosemary
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 3 tbs flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 c dry white wine
  • 1/2 c chicken broth


  • Coat the chicken with spices and roast at 375 for 1-1.5 hrs or until juices run clear
  • For the sauce:
    melt butter over medium heat and add the flour to make a roux, stir in the wine, seasonings and slowly add the milk while whisking. Bring to a low boil and allow to thicken. Season with salt to taste.


ok… hubby was hungry so I couldn’t dawdle too much in the pics… and I forgot the greenery. But, I’m only human.. keeping it real! (sometimes the hubby just wants to eat!)

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