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Now, aren’t these PURDEE?! I will tell you… they took ALL DAY. No, keep reading. It took all day because I was crazy busy yesterday… and really folks… I play with my daughter a lot more than I cook or bake. We went on a nice bike ride yesterday… then waited for the garbage man. (she loves that guy!) then we read and played people and fed the turtles and…oh yes I made these! This is my vanilla sugar. I made it in 1994. (truth!) If ya don’t know, all it is is a vanilla bean or 2 split down the center, scrape out the seeds (teeny tiny) and shake it up every few days for a week. It keeps forever… well, at least 15 years.
I have no clue where I got the crazy container…reminds me of honey now.
The shortcake dough: (it’s more of a shortbread…)
2/3c butter (cut into small pieces)[salted]
1/2 c vanilla sugar -or plain sugar and 1tsp vanilla extract
2c flour
Mix all together until it forms fine bread crumb texture…now with your hands shape it into a dough.

mmm… macro shot! (see the vanilla beans?!)
roll it out 1/2 ” thick. you can use any cutter. I was feeling plain yesterday. Bake at 350 for 12-17 minutes

a naked cookie.

I couldn’t find my petal tip, so I used the star tip. OH? the topping… well if you’re a regular you know I had about 3 lbs of rolled fondant from my little one’s birthday-(read “cake”section) that’s it right there. That’s more stuff that keeps forever (in fridge) I still have 2lbs left. I wish it wasn’t all pink. oooo… maybe I will make it orange for Halloween?! hmmmm.

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