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surf and turf revisited: lemongrass basil hearts of palm noodles with savory shrimp and steak burgers featuring Kevins naturals foods sauce

A month or so ago, I was given the opportunity to create some recipes with Kevin’s Natural Foods sauces. To be honest, I had never tried or even heard of them- however, now that I have: they will be part of my pantry staples from now on. First of all, they are delicious,…

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Lemon Ginger Curry Chicken Skewers #stashtearecipechallenge

Think fast: you are having a party, and you want to serve something intriguing and exotic, but not too over the top… you still want to spend time with your guests…. I really you’d like something that can be made in advance, with short preparation time to serve. I’ve got a solution for…

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homemade tortillas

There is something about making homemade tortillas. Something that goes beyond the food aspect of it. Maybe ….it’s because right now in our homeschool  I’m teaching a period of history that is before the discovery of baking powder, yeast or other leavening. Most cooking was done by the meal, and over an open…

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