a random look at life

Today, I don’t have a recipe…for a change I just have some random photos of recent events…

hopefully they make you smile.

like this bow. It’s edible ~ made of fondant. It has been in a box in my kitchen for about a week now…I need to bake a cake so I can stick it on…

See that? It’s seeds sprouting…I love the feeling you get when there are little hints of green in black soil.

This is a pumpkin flower… from our Halloween pumpkin. How it survived 30°F weather is boggling my mind.

If you ever come to my house, this is the first thing you see when you walk inside. He’s my Parrot Cichlid, and he is 5. He’s about the size of your hand. Hello, Mr. Fish!

No, I don’t have a chicken…yet. I would like a hen, though…. (one day) if I ever get one, I would name her Penny.

I went to the fair…I love the fair- mainly for the Watkins stand and livestock.  Watkins is a little company that sells vanilla extract and other seasonings….they have the best vanilla…mmm. I have it down to a science. Two bottles of vanilla (12oz each) and a small rum extract every year. I forgot my garlic and herb seasoning- oops looks like I may have to go back. 😉

Look at that sky. I didn’t tweak this pic at all. That was our sky last Saturday. I needed a sky like that because it had been grey and foggy…and keeping me in the same state. The blue sky worked miracles on my mood that day…so did this guy:

I love cow chins.Don’t you just want to scratch it ?

I wanted to take this guy home, but I am pretty sure he would have pooped in the car.

Now, this guy is cool. The person- he has this dog stunt show…what is super cool is all of his dogs are rescues. AND he does positive reinforcement training. You can just tell the dogs have it made.

Very cool leaping canines.  I got teary eyed, because it made me miss my old man dog. Good thing I had my big ol’ sunglasses on….

another thing… I am SCARED TO DEATH OF HEIGHTS. I take detours to avoid overpasses. I don’t like ladders. I prefer elevators. Seriously, I think it’s because I am short. If I go up even 4 feet I get all shaky feeling. I was a nervous wreck on this “ride” and, my husband  said..”Take out your camera, you can make a post about it, it will be fun.” So, here I am nervous, sweaty hands, shaky…pulling out my beloved camera …but seeing the fair through the lens finder made it much better. I love my husband. Especially when he has good ideas like that.

Now, look closely at this picture. See that pile of shrubbery on the left? Yes. I pulled all of that out of my garden boxes. It took 2 hours…now they are prepped and ready to go.  Although I would rather convert the section into a barnyard…but,um… I don’t think I am allowed. Oh well. I will have to settle for veggies and herbs. Oh! See that little shrub in the top right hand corner? That’s our baby Key Lime tree- we got it on our honeymoon. It’s FINALLY growing.Fertilizer is amazing. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed this little random visit. I didn’t cook last night, I had my cake class. Today I am going to cook/bake something. I had a dream about stuffed cabbage- hmmm, not sure yet.

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