pizza braid

This was a Friday night dinner, thanks to my bread machine’s dough cycle…and it was also a Saturday lunch, thanks to leftovers. And, to be honest I almost wasn’t even going to post this. Pics came out bad at their best, which make the pizza braid not look that appetizing. But, trust me it’s tast-eee. I wouldn’t put it here if it wasn’t good. You know that. Why did the pic come out crappy? Good question… I think it’s cause I was drinking a beer and chatting with the hubs, and forgot to adjust my white balance. Whoops.

Sorry about that.

See…. you can even see all the evidence here.

I must have been frisky because I took a pick of the dough with sauce…

Yes… a-hem. I’m not even going to go there. That looks pretty raunchy.

Let’s put some stuff on top of those maxi pads.

Whoops.  I went there.

Looking more like food now. Sloppy food, but food nonetheless.

I’m a total idiot and didn’t take braiding pictures. But you can see the technique here

Why didn’t I take braiding pictures? I think my hands were messy and my dish towel was missing, so I couldn’t wipe em.

How on earth did Julia Child drink while filming a show? I can’t even get my pizza braid down!!!

Finally, the finished product.

I know some people get mad when there is no recipe, but most of y’all that read this can figure out the recipes like this. It’s like making cereal.

Take some dough roll it out.

Add sauce, veggies and cheese* use your discretion, some people like more or less fillings/ sauce- don’t do too much, however- or the dough will rip and.or get soggy.

Fold or braid it over to form a pouch.

Top with cheese and Italian seasoning.

Bake at 425 ( preheated) until golden.

See how easy?

You don’t even need to print it out.

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