This is not one of my usual posts.

But, wait -don’t leave.

I’ve had this little blog for 9 years now.

I’ve shared my recipes, joys and sorrows. Y’all were here as I learned to use a real camera, and when I made my fist wedding cake. You may have come here for the spinach burgers, and stayed for the cookie dough truffles.

You were also here  here for the sorrows: when my stepdaughter left,  when my father died, and when I was in a sad dark place in life.

Recently, you have been here to share the excitement of my fostering journey which has resulted in the adoption of two children.

And, you are here now, as I continue to take in more foster children, and you’re here- reading along of my adventures in life with four very different kids.

And life today:

… very different from nine years ago.

Nine years ago a two bedroom one bath home was just fine. Living in 876 square feet worked, thanks to IKEA. But, just as a child outgrows childhood, we have outgrown our humble home. We need space. We need another bathroom. So, hubby took a bold step and sold his business, and became an employee. With hopes to make our home livable for the six of us.

Unfortunately, we came up short when the final numbers surfaced.

So, defeated… we hung our heads and counted our blessings. This was not the end, this was definitely not a life or death issue and we were okay with it all.

But, then… something amazing happened. The construction company we had commissioned to do the job stepped up, cut their profits and started a Go Fund Me. FOR US.

They went above and beyond their own needs to help us with ours.

And, today we are almost to the halfway mark of our goal.

And, today- I’m humbly asking y’all to help. It doesn’t have to be money… just share our story.

I thank each and everyone of you… for following this blog and my story for so many years… here’s to the next nine!