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brownie batter dip & back to (home)school

It’s back to school season, which; for me is like a second “New Years”.  For a ton of reasons, I just love school supplies. The smell of new crayons and fresh pencils… they just give off that”fresh start” feeling.  It  also reminds me  that cooler weather is just around the corner, along with pumpkin spice everything.

However: it’s not quite back to school for us yet. Public school has begun in my county, which means it’s “peak” summer for me and my little ones, with all the parks and museums empty.

But: I know a lot of y’all are back in the grind- and that’s where this dip comes in. A healthy lunchbox treat; this dip is loaded with fiber thanks to black beans secretly hiding admist the almond butter and brown sugar… and cocoa powder. Yum. And: nobody will know black beans are in there. Unless you tell them. Shhhh, secret fiber.


Anyway…. SCHOOL:

I’m really excited about homeschooling this year. This year, I’m going with Master Books curriculum. I had never heard of them before, and I wish I had earlier….because it seems like our perfect fit.

Okay, I added in a few additions to Master Books- Cottage Press Fable and Song and Music Appreciation, words of the week, ARTistic pursuits, and for math, we are utilizing Teaching Textbooks. (not pictured)

What I love about Master Books is that the lesson planning is already done, I just copy it into my main lesson planner (The well planned day)

And, this year: we will have a preschooler to  join us in our day. I’m really not sure how it’s going to work… I have planned Before Five in A Row curriculum, with LOTS of busy boxes and sensory play bins. But, her attention span is that of a frisky puppy… Oh dear… pray for me! 🙂

As for the one year old and newborn; thank goodness they like naps. Most of our schooling will be done during nap time.

I’m one to prefer a standardized day as opposed to running around randomly.

(AKA: I’m a planner)

So, back to this dip:

It can be made in under five minutes, whipped up in a food processor and enjoyed with a big stack of graham crackers and strawberries.


Now: for some chat:

Get cozy. Grab your hot beverage of choice… or iced, of course.



Haters are going to hate.

And hate is such a sad thing. Seriously… anger, bitterness, resentment. It takes a toll, both internally and externally.

Ladies: It causes you to look old. Way old beyond your years…. the scowling face, furrowed brow… those grey hairs multiplying like rabbits… Remember when you were a kid and your mama said “Your face is going to get stuck that way!” whenever you pouted? Turns out mama was right.

Let’s face it: Mama is always right.

So…. as the lovely Quessn Elsa says… Let it go.

And, as the bible says, as well. (Which is a lot bigger than Elsa.)

Okay, the bible doesn’t exactly say “let it go”… not in those words. But, you turn the other cheek. Look away and pray.

And, no… don’t pray for God’s wrath to come down and strike lighting. Just pray for your heart to soften to the harsh words and actions of the offender….and for the offender:

pray for peace where there is strife,

gladness in place of sadness,

hope in place of despair,

for them to find the joy from the eternal, not the external….

and if you’re too mad to pray anything for the offender: Just pray for God’s will in their life.



ahhhhhh…… just like that- you “let it go” out of your hands and into the right hands.


Que sera sera.

Let ‘s go make some brownie batter dip, shall we?!







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