A while back, Foodbuzz and Dannon commissioned me and several other bloggers to create a brunch featuring Dannon’s new Harvest Picks yogurt.  And, I have to admit… I love brunches. They’re synonymous with weekends, never rushed… and usually there’s mimosas. It’s the only meal that you can get away with eating anything at. Think about it: there’s brunches with eggs and bacon, and there’s brunches with seafood and prime rib.  Of course, most brunches end with a good movie and cozy nap as well…

So, for my brunch- I did the standard Canadian bacon and eggs… but I baked them together:

And, for the meatless eaters, there was my “almost famous” Idaho Sunrise, aka, eggs baked in potato skins- it was nice, because both of the “entrees” could be baked in the oven together. Are there brunch “entrees?” I’m not sure if that’s the proper term. Sometimes I wish I had a culinary grammar expert next to me.

The true star of the brunch was yogurt, though. Because the yogurt made up the “dessert” portion. Once again I’m wondering if you can even call it dessert in brunch-land.

But, before you think I just set out nice little portioned controlled cups of Dannon Harvest Picks… think again. I got a bit “Martha-y”

I love, love, love doing desserts with yogurt- mainly because it’s decadent tasting, but you don’t feel so guilty and it’s good for you. I know this for a fact. Remember I was the GM for a health food store in my previous life (aka before kids) It turns out, all that good bacteria that makes yogurt helps with your digestive health and immunity. Yes, there’s some bacteria you WANT in you. They’re the good guy bacteria.

Back to me being ” Martha-y”

With the strawberry flavor I made yogurt parfaits with granola. But, I totally went all out and made homemade granola. Why?

Because the homemade granola could be cooked in the oven right alongside the eggs baking. I figured if the oven was going to be on, I was going to use it to my advantage. I’ll be sharing the homemade granola recipe this week. It’s good. Really good.

There were also peach parfaits with the peach flavor, but unfortunately, I had no fresh peaches to adorn the top. I guess I have to wait a few more months for that.

I also made these cute little lopsided mini yogurt cheesecakes, (since the oven was on) they have a vanilla wafer crust and a cream cheese and yogurt filling… I’ll be sharing the step by step recipe later this week as well.

The Harvest Picks yogurt Dannon supplied me with was a lot of fun to work with, my favorite part was how the flavor of the fruit permeated the yogurt and the dishes I made using it. That was awesome… I have to say I was worried with my mini cheesecakes, that they’d love their flavor and just taste like baked cream cheese- but, (happy dance) they worked out just fine.

So… you wanna try this now, huh? The Harvest Picks yogurt is relatively new, but the Dannon site has a nifty little spot on their site where you can locate products in your part of the world. Here’s a link to the store locator:

Dannon store locator

Disclaimer: Foodbuzz and Dannon sponsored this post,as part of their tastemaker program however, I got to say whatever I wanted. The opinions are mine, and you’re free to agree and/or disagree.