Orange cheese danish

orange cheese danish~looks and tastes better than the bakery ones!

I made this for my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting on Thursday. It was gobbled up. That’s a good sign, when you bring food and it gets eaten. I brought cookies to a bible study once- and they didn’t get touched. Weird huh? Maybe everyone was on a diet..

Despite it’s appearance; it’s very easy to make- yes even the fancy braid-work.  I’m a visual learner, so I took a pic for y’all to see how they fold over.

This recipe only called for one sheet of puff pastry dough, but I ended up dividing the filling and made two.  It was the perfect amount.  Speaking of the filling- before you run off and think that this is rich, heavy, big-booty making filling… it’s not. It’s made with Ricotta cheese, not cream cheese. So, you can feel a little less guilty. 😉 I have decided that this is going to be my “go-to” recipe for whenever I have overnight guests, a new neighbor or out of towners visiting. It’s the PERFECT Florida breakfast. Oranges, get it?! It should be the Florida State Danish.  Not to mention that the filling is light and heavenly- not thick and gooey, like some cream cheese ones can get.

I figured I’d also let you know a bit of behind the scenes this am. I usually prepare my recipes one day ahead of the post, take pictures, and in the morning I download photos, pick out my favorites and write my post.  But… in reality today it went like this:

Woke up. Had a weird dream about living in a trailer infested with rats.  Brushed my dragon mouth teeth  n looked in the mirror. I woke up a bright punky redhead today. Facebook tells the story. Started to drink my coffee that hubby made me out of my Starbucks red glitter travel mug ( that was the first V-day gift from my hubby.)  Realized my hair now matches my glitter mug and my car.

Kissed hubby goodbye  and about broke my neck slipping on dog-water bowl slobber.

Checked email. Made me happy to get a word of encouragement from a stranger. Debated working on homework or post. Put off homework because I can do that this afternoon during my daughter’s nap.Began to download pics as hubby starts texting his daily requests: for me to research this n that, dinner plans tonight and to not forget blah blah blah. My phone is charging so I have to get off my booty with each text. I figure I’m burning extra calories.

Daughter woke up & wanted me to lay with her and be lazy.

I have too much coffee in my system to lay down more than 5 minutes, so I coax her into a piggy back ride to the couch for some milk n TV.  She agrees.

Now, my back hurts.

I realize I’m getting old & drink more coffee. Back to my post.

I also realize that danishes and macarons are the best food models. Here’s a lovely nude shot for you. (A.K.A.- before icing and almonds)

I have way too many pictures of my danishes.

There was eleven I picked out for this post, but I get annoyed if there are too many pics (or paragraphs) in posts. I’m weird like that… I can’t read long stuff on computer screens. I like paper to read instead. I’m an old fuddy-duddy. I just need to start plating bridge now.

Is that why bridge mix is called bridge mix? Hmmm.

Anyway, this is a fantastic danish to make for your next bridge party, moms meeting or nudist breakfast pot luck. Whatever your thing is. Or, you can just make it for your family.

For the recipe, simply click here: Orange Cheese Danish it’s all ready for you to print.

A special thanks to Sargento for allowing me to produce this post & share it.





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