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Are you wondering where I’ve been? Did I just pop up in your reader, and you thought, ” Oh she hasn’t posted in a while..”?

I’m here! I’m here!

The past month was a whirlwind – a trip to Chicago for the Kenmore Blogger Summit and a  trip to Epcot Food and Wine festival, then,  rushing home to vote on tine, make wet burritos, and complete other assorted tasks that life threw at me. But, I love being busy, so it’s good.

Anyways, I still haven’t shared my Halloween story where my hubby dressed as a cow (complete with a realistic rubber udder) and the drunk guy a few blocks away felt prompted to suck on one of his udders. Yeah… that moment won an Oscar for most awkward moment, EVER!!!  And, I have to say I’m very blessed my hubby kept his cool, and doesn’t have any homophobic issues, because the udders happened to be…. well, you know, “down there”.

He just back away and said, “Okay then, you have yourself a good night, dude.”

What a guy. His costume gets violated and he’s still able to be graceful.

Then came Thanksgiving. Fortunately, my celebration was relatively calm & peaceful, although my brother in law spent it in jail. Totally unrelated to Thanksgiving, though.

And, just as soon as Thanksgiving was over, Black Friday was conquered and I was beginning to settle into Christmas time, my house flooded. Yep. Nothing like decking the halls and mopping the walls. Ugh.

So, the past few days have been spent listening to five industrial turbo fans and a massive beast of a dehumidifier. All day long. But, i have to admit that the dehumidifier got me excited about candy making. The guy installing it looked at me quite odd when I said, ” Oooo, I’m going to make a lot of candy while I have this in here.” I don’t think he was aware that you need cool dry conditions for candy making.


So, I put a shout out for the best candy to make when it’s BONE DRY… and I was told: divinity.

So, I made divinity. And, I came to a realization. When something says: “stir continually over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil.” It takes forever, your arm gets tired and it’s BOOOOR-ING.

But, the end result is tasty.

I’m still much more of a baker, and I’m ready to have some humidity back. 🙂

I’m also ready to get started on my holiday baking. Unfortunately, daily health issues have prevented that more than once this week… (I was lucky to be  able to make the divinity.) In which, I’m excited to share with you very soon. Another thing I have planned for the upcoming weeks is a massive cookbook giveaway. I purged a lot of my collection of 200+ cookbooks, and decided it will be fun to allow y’all to have some.

So that’s the latest. I’m hoping to be back at it soon. I miss you all.





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