caramel popcorn balls

Mmm, caramel. It’s one of those things you don’t think much about until Fall. Then, it makes it’s sugary-gooey presence known…

Caramel apples.

Carmel corn.

Let’s do that.

To begin, you have to make some old fashioned popcorn. Why? The kernels are stronger than the microwave variety. I’m not sure why, but they don’t “melt” when the hot caramel coats them.

Man, I forgot how good popcorn is. Despite the stray kernel that always makes its way between my teeth, I really love popcorn. So does my daughter, bird and her hermit crabs. I learned all that while I made these.

I also learned that it is boring watching a thermometer rise. Yawn.

Did I just make you yawn? Sorry. 😉

I added sprinkles and candy corn to my popcorn.

The hot caramel melted the candy corn, so I have these orange and brown blobs of sugar in there.

That’s okay. Live and learn.

They were still mighty tasty.

I had a bit of leftover coated corn, if my oven was working, I would have toasted it up a bit- but instead I just put it in a bag with more candy corn.


Some people loathe candy corn.

It’s totally optional in this recipe.


Caramel popcorn balls:

recipe adapted from Joy of Cooking

8 cups popped popcorn, non-microwaved, preferred

3 tbs butter

3 c light brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

12 tbs water

Melt the butter  and sugar in a heavy saucepan over medium heat. Stir in the water.

Continue to cook. without stirring until temperature reaches 234F (soft ball stage)

Stir in the vanilla, and pour caramel over the popcorn, stir gently to coat and when it it cool enough to handle form into balls with buttered hands.

Happy Fall.


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