breaded cheese bites

I’m not usually big on Mozzarella sticks at restaurants, mainly because they always come out way too hot to eat, and then when they are finally cool enough to nibble on it’s like eating a deep fried piece of rubber. Last time I checked,  rubber is not on my top lists of foods to indulge in.

Cheese, however… definitely is.  I’m a total sucker for anything cheesy. 😉

Especially good cheese. So, when I saw this recipe for  breaded string cheese…. I thought, ” Maybe they’re better homemade?”

Heck, everything is better homemade, right?

One of the tips to make these is to allow your string cheese sticks to come to room temperature 30 minutes before breading. It helps to keep the breading on. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated at naked cheese.

Another tip- they cook up fast- have your paper towels ready to drain them on. If they cook too long, the cheese will begin to melt and escape from it’s tasty crust. You don’t want that to happen, trust me.

Another tip: They’re addicting- make sure you have someone to share them with, otherwise you may be saying: “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”. What was that from? I know a commercial, I just can’t think of the product.

These come out so deliciously creamy and melty, you’ll be telling your friends about it. Or, at the least you’ll test your best friend about it. It will go like this:

“Guess what?”


“I just ate the best cheese stick ever.”

“Did you save me any?”

“Um, oops. I’ll give you the recipe”

“No. You have to make them for me. Now.”

But, hey, that won’t be a big deal, since you’ll have all your stuff out anyway.  so make your friend up a batch, too.


I got this recipe from Sargento, they have a bunch of new recipes up for the season… you’ll have to go check it out. 😉

For this featured recipe click here: Breaded string Cheese Sticks



A special thank you to Sargento for sponsoring this post!

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