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summertime…..traveling chicken pot pies

Summertime… and this summer, well… it’s different.

I haven’t been all over the internet like previous summers, planning an epic-super-mom-of-the-year–crafty-life-pinterest-worthy- summer-bucket-list.

I’m not sure why.

Maybe because keeping a toddler, 10 year old  and a baby entertained when it’s 92F outside can be as daunting as crossing the Sahara.

Or, maybe it’s because earlier in the year, I had gone through a major decluttering and simplifying process, and sometimes pinterest makes me stock pile weird things (like baby food jars) for craft projects, or-  maybe it’s because I don’t want the pressure of needing to plan anything for summer. Summer should be summer, Time off from school for the kids – and for me, it’s time off from teaching and planning.

Planning is a big one.

This summer, the only thing I want to plan is lunch and dinner; because… to be honest I get hangry.

Speaking of hangry: I’m the mama of a picky toddler. I forgot how tough that can be…. some days she will only eat scrambled eggs, other days she will only eat items covered in ketchup. Oy. So, in desperation I made some mini chicken pot pies; because for a few days she was eating that well. Veggies and all.

Of course once I made these, her tastes changed… again.

Luckily, I have other mouths to feed.

I would love to tell you that I made these from scratch. But I didn’t. They are a step above a frozen product though. 😉

The only scratch made part is the creamy sauce that envelops the chicken and veggies. The outer bread is from a can, and the chicken was leftover from a rotisserie, and.. don’t judge: the veggies were from a can- (gasp!) mainly- because I know they are super soft and I was making these for a toddler that only has two molars.

I had some extra filling, so I also made mini pot pies for the rest of the family. The best part about this is that they bake in the toaster oven, because nobody wants to turn on the “big” oven in the summer. I totally get it.

So, if you have a picky toddler or any other picky mouth to feed, for that matter: here’s a recipe for y’all to enjoy!





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