This photo was snapped New Years day, 2017. It’s my daughter, at sunrise on St Augustine beach. Of course, St Augustine is not our home… we were visiting in celebration of our 10 year anniversary.

Ten years.

img_7780So, our mini vacation consisted of a beach sunrise, and lots of delicious nibbles here and there….


Of course, we had to stop at the macaroon shop…



img_7736And, we wondered why the girl at the counter decided to crush one of the macaroons in order to fit them in the bag, they were delicious nonetheless.

img_7731Do you see that sign?

DOLE WHIP! I had only seen it in Disney until now. Too bad it was too cold out to eat it, otherwise there definitely would be a picture of me with one…

img_7743Instead we hit the bar… waffle and milkshake bar, that is.

img_7745Because hot belgian waffles on a cold day are ahhh-maze-ing.

There was also a stop at a little British Pub, were we shared some not very British mozzarella sticks, because nobody was hungry for something “big”. I was suggesting something on the menu called beans and toast, but… the members in my party scoffed at that.

Who doesn’t love beans and toast?



We also managed to eat (at a later time) fish and chips, and a massive tower of onion rings, at a cute little family restaurant near our hotel.

In between the feasting we visited some of the local attractions;

IMG_7833The Castillo de San Marcos



The lighthouse (I realize this is a bit crooked…. my apologies if I’m triggering an OCD response at the moment….) scroll on!



We drank some delicious well water, in lieu of Botox.

I’ll let you know if it worked 10 years from now. 😉


We shared a leaning tower of Pisa stack of onion rings. The greenery was a nice touch, it made it much healthier. 😉



So: it took me exactly 19 days to get this post live. Mainly because I have been busier than usual with a few recipe development projects, (which is AWEEEESOOOOME) and when you toss in kids, homeschooling, several dogs, a cat, several lizard pets, tortoises , turtles, two large parrots and some little ones, too… well, let’s just say having this post published in the month on January is definitely an accomplishment. Yay me!

Most of my friends know about the latest endeavor our  family has stumbled upon (I can’t call it stumbled if it’s intentional, can I?) I’ll more than likely be going public with our adventures there, soon. Well… sometime this year.

But: stick around. Tomorrow I have homemade tortillas for you. Gluten free, steamy hot corn tortillas ready to stuff with seasoned Pichana, caramelized onions, queso fresco, lime and fresh cilantro. Yum.

Happy New Year to all of you who have continued to stick around a read this little blog. Thank you for staying.

I’ll be visiting much more. Love, MK