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I got this recipe years ago out of a Martha Stewart Living magazine. Its basically a salt-cured salmon you make at home. It has a smooth buttery texture and a delicious salty dill flavor.  I believe (I should Goggle it..when I have time!) it’s a Scandinavian dish. I am sure it is one of those dishes created out of necessity, and once you try it you’ll know why people still make (and eat) it! Enjoy!

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It is really simple to make…take a fresh salmon fillet(with skin). Check for bones, and pat a mixture of the following into the flesh: {for a 2lb fillet}

1/2c sugar

1/4 c kosher salt

1tbs crushed coriander seeds

1 tbs crused peppercorns

a handful of fresh chopped dill {must be fresh!}

1/4 c vodka

combine all ingredients (except vodka) and press it gently into the flesh. Place fish on large piece of plastic wrap and then pour the vodka over it. Place both sides together -skin side up, and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Place in baking dish and then place another object on top to weigh it down Place in refrigerator. After 12 hrs, turn the fish and drain any liquid. Repeat this every 12 hrs for 3 days.

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on the 3rd day, unwrap and scrape off the dill and seasonings. Thinly slice for crackers, sandwiches (great with watercress and Dijon mustard!) bagels, toast….wrap the remaining in fresh plastic wrap. I have made this for about 9 years now,  and it never fails. Very yummy indeed. The original recipe says it keeps 3 days on fridge (after the curing process) I have kept mine a few days longer and never had any problem, as the salmon is “cooked” in the salt and vodka. But that’s just my 2 cents! I hope everyone had a wonderful finish to ’09,  and I look forward to an active new year here! 🙂 love MK

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