Harvarti and pear pizza

This recipe is the absolute perfect light lunch…( which is great this time of year)-and with my new-found love of fruit and cheese pairings, it’s perfect for my cravings. It combines the nutty flavor of Havarti cheese on top of spicy arugula and pairs it with sweet pears and salty prosciutto… I tell you, it’s the perfect combination of flavors.

This recipe came courtesy of Satgento, and goes right along with their Apple And Cheddar turnovers, which ignited my flame for fruit and cheese pairing.

If you think you’re not a sweet and savory kind of person, think again… because fruit and cheese together is like a whole new flavor world.

Trust me: try it.

This recipe uses pre-made pizza dough, which lessens the prep and cook time, but feel free to substitute for what ever your favorite crust may be. You can also substitute the arugula for Spinach or even watercress. I used pre sliced Havarti cheese.

The complete recipe can be found here:

Havarti, Pear and prosciutto pizza (It’s all set for you to print!)



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