easy brunch quiche

Quiches are one of those dishes that can go from breakfast to dinner without changing a thing…I suppose quiches are the little black dress of the food world.

I’m a chick.  I match food and clothes.

For the guys, I suppose a quiche is that tie that goes with all your suits. Do guys wear suits anymore? None of the men in my life do. All the men I know either wear Fedex uniforms or Chef coats. Although, I have to say… suits are pretty hot. I love how in the old movies- people dressed up to go to the market. Today, it’s not uncommon to see hair-curlers & slippers at the market. And, they’re not for sale, either.

I sometimes wonder… if you have hair curlers in… you’re getting ready for something, right? I mean, curlers take effort.  Then I try to imagine the people after the curlers are out, and real shoes are put on. I have a total imaginary before -and-after at the market sometimes with people.

I think I think too much sometimes.

So… I made this quiche for breakfast one day. And, it ended up morphing itself into a brunch, lunch and dinner. How stealthy of it.  😉

We even brought it on the boat. Yep, it’s good cold & wrapped in foil. Total picnic food. Another picnic food is fudge brownies, but that will have to be another post.

For this you’ll need a pie crust. I have to admit, I used a refrigerated one. It was a time issue. I also had to bring up the crust so I could show off the cutest dish ever.  Well………….to me, at least.

I still have this giraffe print plate that I want to put a cinnamon roll on. I can’t spell giraffe as well, I see. Spellcheck is alerting me on that. Spell check makes me feel stupid sometimes.

Anyway… 😉

To make this easy quiche recipe, you’ll need some veggies, hash browns, eggs and milk. And, shredded Colby jack cheese. I love love love Colby. If I had a son, I’d name him Colby. Yep, I’d name my own kid after my favorite cheese.

Food and clothes, cheese and kids names. I’m not sure how I manage to combine some of the topics here.

But, thanks for visiting nonetheless.

For the complete recipe; click this link:  Easy Brunch Quiche it’s all ready to print.

A special thank you to Sargento for allowing me to share one of their recipes, & support this post. The opinions expressed are my own, but the recipe is theirs.

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