apple and Cheddar turnovers

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I have a food confession. I never “got” the whole apple and cheddar pairing. But, I’d always see apple cheddar ______ and think, “Well, it must be good. One day, I’m going to make an apple cheddar_________.”

Guess what?

That day came.

Guess what?

Apple and Cheddar is up there with peanut butter and jelly. Oh yeah. Match made in heaven. If food dated, apples and cheddar would be soul mates.

I got this recipe from the Sargento site, and I have to tell you why I love it so much:

See that dough? It’s not “stick to your booty” pie crust. It’s “stick to your ribs” pizza crust. You gotta love food that sticks to your ribs, not your booty.

The cheese is sliced cheddar cheese and the apples? I have to admit, they were canned; but oh so good.

It’s a insanely simple project & very kid friendly. Next time your kid wants to make you breakfast and you just “order” cereal to prevent a catastrophe… order this instead. Have dad just do the oven part, though. 400°F is HOT.

First you make a 10″ square with your dough.

Add  your cheese and cut into four squares.

add a dollop of pie filling and a dash of cinnamon.

Fold and seal….


And bake.

Even if you don’t think you’d like this combination, try it. The creamy tanginess of the cheese brings out the apples’ texture and flavor in such a way that is has to be experienced.

Imagine peanut butter without jelly.

That’s what you’re missing!

For the complete printable recipe go here: Apple Turnovers Recipe

A special thank you to Sargento foods for supporting this post.

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