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I have a confession: Up until now (at age 37) I have never eaten out by myself. Totally true story. I’m not sure why I never had, maybe because I’m known to carry apples and protein bars in my purse? Because I consider eating out more of an event? Or, maybe it’s because I just never had the opportunity.

Until now, when Foodbuzz selected me to go to Panera Bakery & Cafe, and enjoy a lunch. This worked out perfect, because I didn’t eat any breakfast before heading out to hunt down a gift for my daughter’s teachers. So, by the time my stomach started growling like a rabid fasting gorilla I realized that there was a Panera, and I had ten bucks to “play” with there. Yay.

I love Panara. It has to be one of my favorite daytime places to eat. And, I always leave inspired to bake bread.

For my adventure out, I decided to get a Mediterranean veggie sandwich and creamy tomato basil soup.

It was MORE than enough food, not only did I get a huge “half” a sandwich,that was loaded with crisp fresh veggies, olives and salty feta cheese but I also got a pickle spear, a nice sized piece of  crusty chewy baguette, and I also got huge croutons to add to my soup.  My favorite part, though was that I didn’t feel like I ate a lead balloon afterward. I didn’t get drowsy on the way home & I felt nourished and energized. ( I think my apple and protein bar has a major competitor in town….)

The soup was a treat to have since I live in Florida, soup isn’t very common for me to eat, but in the cooler months, (like now) I am enjoying all the soup I can get my spoons on. Because we only have a handful of days that are ‘soup worthy’.

As far as the rest of the adventure went, the restaurant was sparkly clean, the staff was equally as cheerful and my food was brought to me quickly, despite the fact that I ordered lunch in the morning, since my “lunchtime” is ten am. I did however, decide that the next time I visit, I’m bringing my kids, because they also happen to make the best-ever grilled cheeses and PB&Js. And, I’m a bigger fan of enjoying awesome food with people I love. 🙂

A special thank you to Panera Bakery & Cafe and Foodbuzz for sponsoring this post.




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