Have you ever had this? It’s a German noodle/dumpling- buttery chewy and absolutely delicious!

This is a spatzel maker, but you don;t need one! A colander works fine, too. (I used to use one until I found this baby at Marshall’s for $3.99~such a deal.
To make: 4eggs
4 c flour
1tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
mix together until it’s elastic. I did a sink full of dishes while my friendly mixer did the work… (yes-you read right- I do my own dishes- no dishwasher in this ol house unless it’s my hubby!)


Aw, thanks Miss Kitchen Aid!

Now, just put your colander or spazle maker over some boiling salted water and push the gooey dough through!
these babies are great because they tell you when they’re done… they float right to the surface.
you can eat em fresh out of the pot or…. melt a bit of butter
and let them swim about in it!

top with some fresh pepper and a dash of salt…and…..

watch out if it’s left unattended!