Ah…the tropics. Palm trees, salty air, sandy beaches and teal green waters of the Atlantic streaming in. That is high tide at Peanut Island. “where?” you ask?

Peanut Island is a little (90 acres) Island that lies within the inner-coastal waterway in West Palm Beach, Florida. During high tide- the waters from the Atlantic ocean rise in and create a teal blue swimming pool around the island. During low tide, there are acres of sandbars to frolic on surrounding the island, exposing small tidal pools of various ocean life. During the week, at quieter times it’s not rare to see manatees and porpoises swimming in the water.However, Peanut Island is only accessible by boat. (or the water taxi)

That being said- I thought it would be the perfect location  for Foodbuzz’s 24,24,24 event; where Foodbuzz showcases 24 meals from 24 food bloggers during a 24 hour time-span period. (This occurred on the 24th of April- another 24 🙂 )

My menu consisted of  mojo-marinated chicken ke-bobs, cilantro-coconut rice, tropical fruit salad and guava tarts for dessert. I went with the Latin theme… if you follow my blog, I’m sure you’re not surprised by that. 😉

this is “Peanut Island”

Here’s the spread… I ended up having to feed three hungry fishermen. (Can I still call them fishermen if they didn’t catch fish?)

Mmmm, the mojo marinade was awesome! I never made it from scratch before (gasp!) and this one was TRULY from scratch. I even had to squeeze citrus… (recipe this week)

Ahh… I love guava. One of my favorite tropical fruits. I bought some fresh just for the occasion. But, it’s still ripening in a little brown bag. (sigh…)

These tarts were actually easy and fun to make. I stole (shhh..) a fun-dough cutter from my kid’s room to make the flower shape. Hee,heee,heee! 🙂

I will post this recipe with step by steps this week, too. (aren’t you excited?!?!)

This here is the coconut rice. I got a recipe from all recipes and way tweaked it out. I made it with fresh ginger, cilantro and green onions. Oh yes and curry. I love that stuff. Curry rocks.

Guess what? I will post that recipe this week, too. 🙂

The tropical fruit salad

There were actually two of these made… first batch had mangoes, papaya, pineapple,cantaloupe,strawberries,kiwi and coconut. It was topped with La Lechera creme sauce-yum. But, that one got kinda soggy (I made it way early in the a.m.)

So… I made a 2nd one with everything except the mango.

And I added some toasted coconut. Don’t you think some things are just better toasted? Me too….bread, nuts…and coconut.

I’m going to make some kick-butt smoothies with that soggy fruit.

That will be a post, too. Smoothies make great models.

So… that’s my tropical island lunch.

I hope you enjoyed it-come back and visit me for all the details!