dry rib rub

You guys… this stuff is so good.
I make my father in law a huge batch when I see him. He says he uses it on everything; steaks, chops, burgers, ribs… Of course, I offered him the recipe, but he says “Why would I go out and buy all that stuff when you can make it for me?” Good point, Pops, good point.
There is a lot of stuff in this.

But I’ve altered it a bit so that you don’t have to go trapsing all over town to find it. Don’t worry I’ve made both versions and they are equally good.

I know some people just want the recipes, and some people actually like the stories, so feel free to jump- because I get that, too.


I have a story today.

Ever since I was 19, I’ve made these special cakes for people. Almond Butter Cakes, is what I call them, and although they aren’t actually almond butter , they are more butter almond the name has just stuck.

A few years back people began to ask if they could buy them. So, after some calculations I named a price, and guess what?

Yep. They began selling.

Those little cakes began a little business, and I had people asking if I could make cupcakes, birthday cakes, macarons, etc…

So, now I’ve got business cards, and a custom logo, and another website is just about to launch. I feel like I’m on a horse that’s beginning to gallop and I’m keeping a tight grip on the reins. Because, everyone knows “how busy” I am (or seem to be) but God always provides just the right amount of stuff in between.

Baking is my way of relaxing, escaping… not necessarily escaping my life or kids, per se- but the worries and stress that come with life in general. Currently, I have NO IDEA what our family unit will look like at the end of this year. All y’all out there with kids: imagine looking a kid like your own, day in, day out… and one day they just step out of your life and you can do nothing to stop it? Sure that happens often as they age, but imagine a 2 year old? Imaging how your other little kids will feel if their brother just vanishes?

Those are the worries.

Adding in the daily stresses of bills and finances, chores, dinner and sibling battles…

Taking a bit of butter, sugar, eggs and flour to create something that makes people smile?

Best thing ever. Aside from Jesus, of course. 😉


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