Here is an interview I had with the site, Refrigerator Soup enjoy! If you have any other burning questions feel free to ask here!

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Other questions I am frequently asked:

Why did you start your blog?

Well. When I found myself as a stay at home mom after working for 14 years as a manager at a health food store, I realized I really missed interacting with the public. I learned what a blog was, and began reading a few. I thought it would be fun to have one, and to interact with the world through it. I knew nothing about computers. Nothing. I didn’t even know how to upload photos! So, with lots of trips to the library, tons of research, and even more headaches-my blog is what it is today. There are still some things I want to change, and I will, in due time.

What do you do with the food you make?

My family and I eat it. Can’t be wasteful. On occasion, I give my mom some things to take to her church group.

How do you not get huge with all the desserts you make?

I keep busy. I seldom sit still. I eat anything and everything in moderation. I walk 1-2 miles a day. I garden. I wash dogs. I “psycho-clean” my house. I play with my kids. I do yoga-my mom taught Yoga when I was growing up. I do my own dishes and hang my own laundry. Basically, I am so busy-I think I burn most of the calories I consume. Since I started this site, however… I gained 5 lbs. All in my bootie. Oh well….

What kind of camera do you use?

Currently, a Nikon D90 with a 35mm 1.8 lens. I want a Canon, because…well I think I am a bi-camera gal. I also want a 50mm 1.4 lens. But, I’m too cheap thrifty to purchase one. Hmmm….one day….

My earlier posts were taken with a Canon point and shoot, complete with time & date stamp in the corner….oh, wait.. that was my watermark. 😉

What do you do when you don’t feel like posting?

I ramble.

How do you find the time to update your blog with such a busy life?

I wake up at 5-5:30.

Naptime is productive.

I have a schedule for my life and do my best to stick with it.

I’m anal.

How tall are you?

I’m not.

How short are you?


What’s your favorite food to make?

The kind that tastes good. Haha… just kidding. I love to bake, but that’s not always good for my booty.  I love doing cakes, especially fondant covered ones. Yum.

What are your plans for your blog?

To never let it become “a job”. The minute I don’t love doing it, is the minute I will stop. I don’t see that happening, though. I am very proud of all of this- and especially the fact I made it out of “nothing”. It’s my “baby” and I am enjoying watching it grow. I suppose when I am dead and gone I will have my daughter maintain it. But… let’s hope that’s a long way away. She’s only 3 now….

I plan on expanding the other “pages” here, to include my little life story, and also have a video cooking segment page, and a crafting page . Summer 2011 is my plan for those.

Do you have a cookbook?

No, but that would be really cool. If I did, would you buy it?

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