Foodbuzz 24×24 event: A day of crepes

Well, all you guys that follow me know it’s been a rough month. My beloved dog of sixteen years died, and things have been very dreary ever since…although there are always occasional bright spots here and there.

This was a very bright day for me.

Foodbuzz picked my proposal for a 24 event! (In case you aren’t familiar with those, it’s where they pick 24 bloggers from all over to participate in 24 different food-related events all on the same day.)

Insert happy dance! I was going to take a cooking class! Woo-hoo!

The class was canceled.


I found another-they approved it.


The class I ended up taking was a hands on class on crepes.

Confession: I have never had a crepe.

Confession: I had a crush on my music teacher in 5th grade.

Coincidence: They’re both French.

Anyway, that is about as far as it went until Saturday. No, not with the music teacher-he is probably about 102 now. Um, eww.

But crepes? Um, yum. And, we made a lot.

Here’s the menu:

Buckwheat crepes with turkey,Brie, and apples

Crepes Florentine

Crepes Suzette

Red Pepper Crepes with Shrimp Etouffee and dill creme fraiche

Ooo yes- and wine~yes-they served us wine after we finished. How sweet of them. ♥

Here is the kitchen in which the class took place. Now, my kitchen seems really small. Oh.Wait. My kitchen is small.

Here is where I learned: Hair is one of the dirtiest things on us. How to chop,dice and slice-from apples to herbs.

At this point we were told to go wash up, and keep it clean. Which meant I had to put my camera away, unless I wanted to have to keep washing my hands. Which is fine, I am kinda a OCD hand washer, but I really didn’t want to miss class.

Basically, how the class worked was: We prepped and helped the chefs side by side to prepare the crepes, then we sat down at fancy tables and enjoyed some wine and our food…or some food and our wine. Hmmm.

confession: I ate too much. I was full. I felt like I couldn’t eat again for years.

It was worth it.

As things progressed though, I did go get my camera. There were two chefs teaching the course, and- I realized they must have the best job ever. At least I think so…

I would LOVE to do that.

If I win the lottery I am going to create “The Domestic School” .

Oh yes. I would have so much fun cracking jokes and teaching domestic things….do you have to be a “chef” to do that?

Can’t I just be me?

This is shrimp etouffee.

I could eat it with a spoon. Out of the pan. I’ll deal with a burnt tongue.

P.S.- I have the recipe. 😉

This was one of my classmates, she was there with a friend celebrating her birthday- they were the two sweetest ladies, and luckily, we all drank wine-we were the drinkin’ table of the group. Not that we needed wine. I  felt fully comfortable to blab my head of to them. Before wine.

It’s a good sign if someone can blab their head off to you without any substances to trigger it.

Check her out in the picture-yes! She’s flipping a crepe! How awesome is that?!

This lady reminded me of Ina Garten.

You too? She even had that same sweet disposition.

I’m pretty sure Ina knows how to make crepes, though….wait- this lady was actually whipping them out.

Maybe it was her?

I should have gotten her autograph.

Everyone had their own different “style”of crepe…my 1st one burnt a little. 😮

There was fire, too.This was for the crepes Suzette.

Confession: I thought Crepes Suzette had cherries. I was thinking of cherries jubilee.

I so need to go to culinary school.

This was the 1st course-turkey,brie,arugula and apple crepes alongside the red pepper crepes with the shrimp etouffee.

confession; I never had arugula. I love it.

This was the spinach florentine crepes.

This is what put my tummy in turbo-full mode.

That’s why I ended up creating these for dinner that night:

Instead of using a thick turkey breast, I went for high quality deli sliced.

I made a different sauce, too. A honey-Dijon.

My belly was full. So , I made some lighter crepes for supper. The hubby wanted steak. Guess who’s having grilled steak and carmelized onion sandwiches tonight? Yep.

I will be posting the steps and how-to on “Crepes with apples,brie, turkey and arugula with a honey Dijon sauce.”

And some more goodies, too. That’s my nature.

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