endives with blue cheese, prosciutto and red wine reduction sauce

There are a few things in life that I had never tried until I was in my thirties such as:



homemade fruit cake

spiralized veggies

squash soup


vegan “meat” loaf

fried Oreos

salted caramel

Keurig brewed coffee

This year, I decided that I need to try a few new items….. With our local fair coming into town, I’m sure that won’t be hard. However, I would like to experience some (ah-hem) more classy cuisines as well.  For instance, exotic fruits and veggies…..I’d love to try that fruit that, (in some countries) is illegal to eat in public because it smells so bad. Apparently it tastes better than it smells… I forgot the name of it, I’ll have to add it to my “need to google” list.

In the old days I had a “need to research” list, and I would take a trip to the local library to “research” it. Now, the list  reserved for lazy days in front of the computer with a big mug of coffee and a danish.

As I said (or typed) before I never tried endive. (I know, crazy, right?!)

And, now it’s once of my new favorite vessels to serve bite sized morsels of goodness in.

_DSC3018_0031The “recipe” is simple; drizzle endive spears with Nudo Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and place inside the spear crumbled blue cheese, diced Roma tomatoes, and thinly sliced prosciutto.

Garnish with fresh basil and a drizzle of red whine reduction sauce; this sauce in particular uses Rios de Chile wine, a Chilean wine with rich notes, soft berries and a clean finish. Intensifying the wines sweet notes  in a reduction sauce further balances the salt  of the blue cheese and smokiness of the prosciutto.


_DSC3013_0026I hope you also decide to try some new tastes for your palate this year…

what have you never tried before?


 A special thank you to Nudo Olive oil and Rios wine for sponsoring this post 🙂





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