coconut thai & shrimp street snacks

 Remember, my last post?

It had been a while…. so I started with breakfast.

Now: it’s lunch. Or snack time.

Adults don’t nearly have enough nap times and snack times.

Snacks and naps do beautiful things to grumpy people.

This is another recipe that I utilized BLENDABELLA with; a spicy, tangy exotic hand pie made with shrimp, a dash of curry and coconut thai BLENDABELLA. It’s the perfect grab and go snack (or lunch if you have two!)

Speaking of lunchtime and snack time… when I was a kid, I remember drinking some sort of “orange drink” and having little butter cookies that where shaped like rings, and I wore them on each finger as some sort of edible cookie jewelry.

Nowadays, it takes more than orange drink to quench my thirst, and those cookies don’t have the same fit as they did on me as a child. And; I prefer more exotic and spicy things for snack time.

Diced potatoes, sweet peas, savory shrimp, a dash of curry and a magical concoction of diced mushrooms and spices; all wrapped up in a soft flatbread and baked.

Snack-time bliss.

For this recipe, I used the #coconuthai BLENDABELLA. It added all the complexity of flavors  that you would find in an exotic food stand in a faraway land.

If you read my post about the Rustic Italian Breakfast Tart, you’d see in the recipe you would end up with 1/2 of a ball of bread dough left over… and: this is where you’ll use it.

Simply roll out, place fillings, brush with beaten egg and bake!

Another busy mama meal.

A special thank you to BLENDABELLA for allowing me to try out some of their items for the Summer Recipe Blogger Challenge; you can find their products for purchase here.





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