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Earl GreyMojito#stashtearecipechallenge

I created this recipe for the “Not your usual tea” category in the #stash tearecipechallenge.

Personally, I love Earl Grey . What gives earl gray it’s unique flavor and aroma is the addition of Bergamot; a relative of the lime plant, it has an unmistakable flavor and aroma that is unsurpassed, in my opinion. Another favorite drink of mine is the Mojito: a mint and rum infused concoction that is refreshing and light, like a vacation in a glass. I decided to marry my two favorite beverages for this challenge: my morning beverage and my favorite adult/weekend beverage.

I decided to play up on the Bergamot with additional fresh lime, and mint to enhance the tea flavor. The result ? A refreshing and energizing spritzer that’s delicious with or without rum. To make this: you simply brew a cup of stash earl gray tea (don’t over brew it or it will become bitter) sweeten to taste (I go a bit sweeter than usual since it will be slightly diluted later) …. allow it to cool, pour it over ice, add some bruised mint leaves and some fresh lime, top it off with a splash of soda and optional clear rum ( 21+/where legal)


A huge than you goes out to Stash tea for their support in this contest. Be sure to check them out on social media for recipes,and delicious teas! AND: be sure to use this code for a special deal: THEVILLAGECOOK-SC

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Note: I was sent samples to participate in contest, however opinions expressed are my own.

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