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cookies and milk

cookies and milkChildhood favorites don’t need to  should never be left in childhood.

There is nothing wrong with walking barefoot in the grass, playing in the rain or drawing with crayons.  Somewhere along the lines of growing up; a line gets crossed and childish ways are  set aside, and we move into other realms of reality.



Then, all of the sudden you realize it has been years since you dunked a warm chocolate chip cookie in a glass of cool milk.

Take the time for an afternoon snack.

Allow yourself a small dose of childhood once in a while, it does a spirit good. I’m not saying go throw a temper tantrum in the grocery line when the lady in from of you has 22 items in the 10 and under line, nor am I telling you to start picking your nose or sucking your thumb again.  I’m talking about the small things,  that now,  as adults, the pressures of the daily grind rob us of … those  little spots of joy that pop up everyday. For instance…

sunrises and sunsets

drawing a picture

mailing a letter

exploring nature

playing shadow puppets

hot buttered noodles

bubble baths

hot cocoa (instead of coffee)


warm cookies and milk

I realized  that there will be a day I won’t have a young child in the house, and slowly the crayons and cartoons will be only a memory of younger times. It’s those things that are a part of childhood revisited that are worth savoring even as time progresses.

cookies and milk

crayons and cartoons

You don’t even have to go all Betty Crocker homemade either. Dunk an OREO, or nuke a Nantucket*

*(one of my favorite store bought cookies)

But, if you want to go all Betty, here is the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Make a batch. Have a warm one, and share some with someone you know may need a little dose of childhood.

ENJOY 🙂 Love, MK

And, if you are here to see if you’ve won some lovely olive oil…. drum roll please:


Katherine Klimas

stuffed shells made with homemade sauce

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cookies and milk2








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