thoughts…on Texas

Okay… where to start?

As I write type this, I am still in the midst of absorbing the whole experience. Along with some wine, too.

This will make an interesting post…don’t you think?

I have a gob of pictures to go through. I know you wanna see those-pics are the best. You are soooo going to want to see the shirt I wore- that-(a-hem) didn’t want to wear me.

Yes- can we say-wardrobe malfunction and boobie watchers?!

I had two people monitoring my blouse. One for each boobie, I suppose.

My first take? 15 times!!!!! I felt soooo bad- I felt like I put the whole crew behind. Then, a few hours later, I heard the crew state how they were running on time.


Then, another take took 14 times.

So, maybe it wasn’t just me?!


I will be telling y’all all about my trip and all the food. Because number one- I know you come here for the food. Number two- I know that you come here for the ramblings, too.

And, boy do I ramble…

I also blurt out things. Especially if I have wine. You know that too… because that’s when I burn things, too. Oops.

Wine is so liberating and distracting.

This is not my official “Texas” post

This is just some random Texas thoughts. Ready? Ready!

Directors, camera men, lighting personnel and producers are blessed with the gift of extreme patience.

You know how they say New Yorkers are always in a rush?

Not if they work in the filming of anything.

Even I was losing patience with myself at points.

I needed a beer, but it was waaaaay to early.

Ooo, that sounds really alcoholic of me, huh? Well…I had TON of makeup on, had boobies that wouldn’t work in a shirt, and I had a room of people counting on me… and you  may have wanted a beer, too…in my shoes.

Honestly though? It was the time of my life.

Sometimes it’s moments in life that you are so nervous and so uncomfortable and you want them to just end…. those are the most memorable and meaningful. For instance:

Giving birth. Yes, I even compared my camera takes were like labor.

The ends totally justified the means.

Meeting people. You never know how much the person you just met will mean to you in the future.

Getting married. How many people can’t do their lines in that part?! You’re completely caught in the moment.

When random people sing happy birthday at a restaurant. Sure, you may hate it as it’s happening.. but,  come on. Your heart is smiling.

Sometimes you have to step back from the awkward and uncomfortable moments in life and enjoy them for everything they are.


Enjoy life. Everyone has such a fascinating existence. Why? Because it’s not our own. We cannot change too much of the lives we lead, we work, we eat, we sleep and continue. The thing is… everybody does the same things in different ways.  I think that’s why people blog… it’s in the appreciation and the fascination of the way everyone lives and in what they create.

It’s very cool.

Texas did a lot more for me than new friends, recipes and experiences…It made me aware of all the different ways we exist. Which… is absolutely priceless.

Don’t fret. I have pics. Oh yes… you will see me all done up.

Fake eyelashes, too.

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