First of all, I have been MIA for a bit, first vacation and second, a little project I was offered with Moovision.  I can’t tell you too much about what I did, but I can show you some behind the scenes pics and tell you what fun it was. And, compared to my Texas adventure- there were no wardrobe issues, thank goodness!

I shared my adventure with my 3 year old, this was her first time flying, riding a train and an escalator.

We don’t get out much.

I was supposed to wear a different dress, but there was a tattoo issue with that one.  Isn’t funny I keep getting put in purple? What’s that about? I never wear purple….

The first night there I got to hang out with my wonderful hostess, Kristy- from The Wicked Noodle and Brandi, from Branapetit.

We had a ton in common. Aside from being food bloggers, we all:

are left handed

have two sisters

like beer from the bottle

are 3 generations.

Brandi taught me a lot about beer, and Kristy taught me all about cutting appetizers.  😉

And there also was Andrea and Damaris– Andrea and I mommy bonded, and Damaris and I guava bonded. She has this recipe for a guava corn cake on her site that is calling my name… (yeah, food talks to me sometimes)

What did I teach them? All about carnies and substitute clowns.

Oh yeah, we cooked, too.

Umm, that bump on my lower back? That’s the microphone pack.  Just in case you were wondering….

The crew and the folks from Moovision were awesome.They had to be the funnest people I ever worked with.  Seriously fun… because you know- we had work to do.

Speaking of work… I am absolutely thrilled to be home, mainly because I missed cooking dinner. Am I weird or what?