breakfast air fried egg rolls

When I was a kid, I always thought egg rolls were breakfast food. It wasn’t until I actually tried an egg roll that the light bulb went on, and I realized they were not, in face “breakfast food”.

However…. if pizza can be breakfast, why not egg rolls?

I recently entered in the Twin Dragon Recipe Challenge; technically this is an appetizer food- and I figured these would be awesome for a brunch appetizer or a New Years Eve party.

starting the day with something that is traditionally fried doesn’t really peak my appetite. So: I decided to create an air fried, breakfast egg roll stuffed with hash browns, shredded sweet potatoes, onions and of course; scrambled eggs.

This could also be made with diced potatoes and bacon… but I went for the shredded potatoes to incorporate that “egg roll texture”

The verdict:

I had one and my thirteen year old daughter ate the rest, exclaiming: “These are even better than something from drive through!”

Well said, my daughter, well said.

The glorious part is that they can be made early in the week and reheated in a toaster, without getting soggy like a fried egg roll might. These remain crispy and tasty as the day they were made. Score!

Disclaimer: I was given free product to participate in the challenge, however thoughts expressed are my own

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