buffalo chicken salad and a giveaway!

An ovenless meal today. But, I can assure you- this one is hearty and man-friendly. It’s the whole buffalo chicken that takes a salad to a manly level.

As, for the whole oven-less situation- well, it turns out that the power company was at fault, and that a lot more than our oven could have fried.

So- all things good and bad, happen for us to realize something else.

I can deal without an oven for a while.

Especially with these for dinner.

Mmmm, grilled chicken breast that has been marinated in butter and hot sauce…

Now, as part of Foodbuzz’s tastemaker program, they sent me tons of coupons good for free bags of Fresh Express salads. And, guess what? I am sharing.

To enter just leave a comment at the end of this post and tell me your favorite salad topping.

I will chose 7 winners at random on Friday, Oct. 22nd. UPDATE~ the 3 commenters, please send me your address so I can mail you your coupons!

To make these, I marinated a chicken breast in a mixture of 2 tbs melted butter and 1/2 c hot sauce, and fresh ground pepper. Grill until done, slice up and place over a Fresh Express salad, I used the Caesar supreme, and added some tomatoes and spinach, well, because I love tomatoes and spinach.

My husband, had his salad with crumbled bleu cheese, bacon bits and ranch dressing. It was very manly.

Served with some crusty garlic bread, it was fresh, hearty and filling.

I suppose my oven breaking will also be good for my booty size.

A big thanks to Foodbuzz and Fresh Express for feeding me this yummy meal.

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