It’s  summer!!!

Okay, well… it’s been summer.

Heck, it’s almost always summer (at least weather-wise) where I live. We have three seasons; warm, hot and Africa sauna hot.

But…. summertime around here means I don’t have *as much* to do daily, and life takes on a relaxed vibe. Of course there’s always “life work”; laundry, dishes, diapers, and daily chores- but finding time to intentionally have fun because it’s summer is just grand.

Last summer, it was peak Covid time, and I had a 1 year old, two year old and three year old, and my (then) 12 year old.  This summer; its TWO two year olds, a 3 year old, 4 year old, and 13 year old. But- somehow, it feels just easier. Maybe it’s because I have an even number of toddlers and they each have a “partner”?

Anyway, life these days has been harder in other ways that has nothing to do with a full house of kids. Lately it’s been busy with random events: from getting rear ended while taking my mom to cancer treatment, to “in person” visits returning from assorted state workers for our foster child. Nothing like the “surprise” visit right when the dog pukes. A huge court event is scheduled this week; but according to the attorneys, the huge event will probably get postponed. Personally, I’m very much ready for that part to settle down. My nerves have been on edge with the uncertainty of things and the roller coaster of emotions that comes from fostering. Times like these- there is only comfort from casting anxieties above.

And cooking.

And baking.

Speaking of… I made my first “naked” cake; commissioned for a bridal shower.

Honestly, frosting it went against everything I learned in my cake classes. It’s basically just a crumb coat and it’s done.

My little bakery business has started to take off, and I absolutely cannot wait for my new ordinating bakery supplies and business cards to come. One day there will be a food truck… or concession trailer… something like that.

I’ve joined up with “Little Hands and Feet” by donating fresh baked cookies to foster families, which has now made me a pro at large batch production, and early morning baking.

All that early morning baking has also led to some new creations, especially in the “cookie pie” department.

Like these fruit pie cookies, which are the best for a summertime BBQ.

If you come back tomorrow, I’ll share my dry rub recipe for Bbq…

And, my perfect grilling seasoning for anything.

Well, almost anything.

I’ve made a few changes on the site, including a gallery for recipes, there are 900 posts on this site, so please be patient as I gather the images, and figure out how to make them clickable to the original post.

I’m missed writing here, and I’m coming back.

Until tomorrow, be blessed.