First of all, most of you know where I’m heading to- TEXAS! Just for a few days, to do a little something with Frito Lay. I’m going there to join two other mom bloggers to do some things in the flavor kitchen. You can see more about it here:

Pretty neat, huh?

So who else will be there? Leslie, The Hungry Housewife and Joelen, What’s Cooking Chicago I have had the pleasure of meeting via phone Leslie-ooo she is just a sweetie. I can totally tell we will be having fun. She gets my humor. She understands wardrobe concerns. And… she’s not super tall so I won’t feel like a munchkin next to her. 🙂 I’m little, remember?!

Well…I really hope I don’t mess things up. Sometimes I get nervous and say um a lot. Um.

I get cold when I’m nervous, too. Weird. At least I won’t be stinky.

I packed a million outfits. Okay, just 8.  And 3 pairs of shoes. And two purses.Two cameras-a point n shoot and my DSLR, and two lenses- my 28-300 and my 35mm. I may change my mind on that though…

I hope I don’t get a zit in the next 24 hours. I hope I can sleep tonight. I also hope I can read a nice book on the plane. I’m thinking of my camera manual. Still need to get through that. Really.

Questions everyone seems to have:

How did I get to do this? My answer (for now)  I have no idea! I just got an email from them, (through my site)…and well that’s it.  I am sooo going to ask them how they found us when I get there.

Second question: How much is it costing you? Nothing. Not even gas to get to and from the airport. Crazy, huh? They are having a car service escort me. Get this- you know the people that hold up signs with  names at the airport? Yeah- that has never been my name on the sign. Until now. And, heck yes- I am taking a picture of that.

I apologize in advance for embarrassing my future driver.

But, that’s part of dealing with bloggers. We like to document everything and put it all “out there”. So, if you’re out in the world and see someone taking pictures of sign holders at airports..or of their food at lunch..well…now you know we’re not crazy. Just bloggers. 🙂

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