I cheated on Mr Pentax

YEARS ago, my first SLR was a Spotomatic by Pentax- back in the 35mm days.  In the digital era I used a simple point and shoot- (some of the earlier posts show the work of Mr. Canon A530) . Then, I got the SLR bug once more, and saved and “splurged ” on a used Pentax *ist dl. Mainly, because ANY lens for Pentax can be used on ANY Pentax camera… how convenient.

99.9% of the photos here were taken with that camera.

Before I got Mr Pentax, I called local pawn shops to see what they had for SLRs…. nothing at the time, but they would call, they said.

I got a call. An SLR was out. A nikon. Hmmm…..hold it please- let me think….I said.

I took a gander at it and the manager informed me that it should not have been put on the floor without his approval, as the camera only had the price for the lens, not the body. But, since I was called, he would honor the price.

I knew it was a steal. But, we are on one income and don’t have money to play with.

So, I said … hold it. Layaway rocks. Gave em 20 bucks so I could figure it out….

Luckily, I had these uh, previous engagements (rings,that is) that allowed me to basically “trade” for the Nikon.

I came home. I used Mr. Nikon.

Before, with EVERY picture I took, I had to tweak the white balance and ISOs, and switch lenses and adjust apertures….

Not anymore. Bad part? No manual. I have no idea what the buttons do. ( I ordered one, though) And, I feel an odd guilty feeling. I liked being a Pentax person. But, now… I don’t know….am I a Nikon girl?

small note: Is spellcheck checking English here or what?! I’m typing in the dark- and I am catching crap it missed. Bad job Mr. spellcheck. No dessert for pokey little puppies like you tonight!

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