Well… today is my sister’s wedding day-and I made the cake. My first ever wedding cake, and it was made in my tiny kitchen…with lots of butter~cream, eggs and sugar.  I have tons of leftover egg yolks…and I have something planned for those.

I also have pictures of the whole daunting task of making a real wedding cake in my tiny kitchen… it’s going to be a fun post. I kept it real…and showed my mess, too. Oh yeah!

But… without further rambling and procrastination… I will show you it. In an hour my hubby and I are going to be taking it to the location.  And, oh yes. I’m more nervous about the transportation than anything else. Wish me luck!

The shells are made from either: fondant, fondant/gum paste and white chocolate. Everything has been brushed with an edible pearl dust…I’ll show more detail later.

I just returned from the most stressful drive ever. The cake has been delivered. Thanks to careful driving by my sweet hubby and a/c blasting, of course. I carried it in by hand… and someone asked me for my card. Of course, I had none. But, flattered nonetheless. 🙂

So, here I am,  wearing make up and my grandmother’s pearls,getting ready to hooch it up in my tiny black strapless bridesmaid dress from my sister….I’m wearing black stockings to hide my massive skinned knee. But… don’t worry. My mother in law managed to snap pictures of it. I’m sure she will put it on her blog. She will blog about how I blog….and smash my finger and skin my knee. LOL…that will make a good post.