yummy chicken pasta~ because sometimes simple names get the point across

Seriously, this is a yummy dish. I know, “yummy” is a immature adjective- one that professional chefs seldom use. I know, I should name it golden chicken spinach fettuccine nestled on top of a bed of fresh vegetable fettuccine and topped with roasted red peppers and smothered in a rich creamy cheese and scallion sauce. But, that would make a REALLY long title, don’t ya think? Me too.

This is another recipe I found poking around the Sargento site. It’s another keeper. You know that spaghetti pie I made ? Total keeper. I make it weekly.

Now, I have to tell you: it calls for spinach fettuccine, however, I only had vegetable fettuccine. That’s what I used. You know me, anything to avoid a store trip!

This is another keeper. And, easy- too!

First, cook up some pasta:

toss some olive oil on it, and keep it warm…meanwhile, cook up some chicken breasts, and place them on top of the paste and, on top of them, add some roasted red peppers.

Then, you top it with the sauce the yummy sauce. The sauce is made with scallions, chicken broth, milk, white wine, and shredded monteray jack cheese. Oh yum.

Of course, the recipe isn’t actually called yummy chicken pasta. It’s called Fiesta Chicken. I think they should change the name, though. 😉

A special thanks to Sargento for allowing me to produce this post!