sugared cranberries

When I first saw these, I thought ooo, how pur-dee! Then when I realized how yummy they are…I thought, WHY HAVEN”T I MADE THESE BFORE?!

xmas food 047

Bear with me… I have been messing with my image size…Is it just me or does my lil’ site take FOREVER to load. I hate that with sites. Up there with stepping in poo. Ok back to these babies! Did I tell you that theses develop this crunchy sweet shell that goes perfect with the chewy tartness of cranberries? And they are addictive if ya like sweet-tart flavors. My littlest daughter eats raw cranberries (kids eat weird things…I preferred Elmer’s paste and goldfish food as a kid…maybe that’s why I’m short?!)

What ya need to do for these is: Over med heat, take 2c sugar and 2c water..simmer it down to make a simple syrup. (dissolved sugar)

xmas food 037

it will become very clear. Now, pour it over the cranberries in a bowl~I used a whole bag, minus maybe 12?! (kid!)

xmas food 039

cover with plastic wrap and put em in the fridge overnight. Drain them (you can save your syrup…for tea,etc)

xmas food 046

coat them with 3/4 c of sugar (superfine) I also added a wooden spoon of powdered. Lay them on a parchment lined baking sheet to dry. (8hrs here- but, it was humid!) Store in an airtight container. By the way- cranberries help prevent UTIs by preventing bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract. They have a property that breaks the bacteria’s “glue”. Neat, huh~ my 14 years managing the health food store has gone to some use!

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