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stepping out, stepping in

I’ve been gone for a while, I’ve been in a season of decision making, prayer and probably too much thinking.

Situations happened that catapulted me out of my norm, and shifted me back to a hope that had dissipated years ago. That hope, soon became a reality and stepping into the reality of a hope can be scary and intimidating, no matter how you perceive it.

Stepping out of the norm of routine, familiarity and ease, and into something different requires much more than walking away, signing a paper and ordering some books.

 It’s times like these, when I make a conscious decision to march to my own drum, to step out onto my own beat… it’s times like these you really find out who your back up drummers are.

And, back up drummers matter.

Sometimes, we are given chances to be back up drummers, chances to help echo faith and encouragement for somebody stepping out to a new and unfamiliar beat. And, other times we are stepping out alone, facing a new journey ahead.

And, other times we glide comfortably into the rhythm of life.

This summer, I made the decision to home school. Something I had always hoped to do, but life never fell quite into place for it.  And, I also have decided to document this first year. Mainly, to help those understand homeschooling, and perhaps to encourage others that may be feeling led to march away from the norm of society.

My decision to home school has nothing to do with the school choices I have before me. I know that there are talented, blessed teachers more than capable of teaching my daughter.

But, I also know my daughter.

I can teach her aligned to her intelligence style, and customize learning just for her. If she doesn’t get something, I can work with her on it, without time restraint. And, to be blunt;

I learned more in life outside the classroom.

We learn the basics between walls.

We learn life by living it.

Therefore, I am stepping out into this.

So far, I have already encountered the first of many condescending, snide remarks from members of society, such as:

So, you home school? So you’re like her teacher and mom?

As parents , we are teachers whether we chose to home school or not. We are our children’s first teacher.

What’s wrong with school? You think your kid is too good for school?

Nothing is wrong with school, there are amazing talented teachers out there, many kids thrive in a classroom setting, however, my child preforms better in an individualized setting.

What do you teach? Where do you get your materials?

I dumpster dive behind the local schools.

Just kidding.

There are thousands of curriculum choices out there. I chose mine based on my own child’s learning styles.

I think home school kids end up socially awkward, what about things like clubs, sports, prom? Kids need to be socialized.

Homeschooling is huge. I am a member of a homeschooling group with hundreds of children. We have group park days, field trips, choir, sports, music, art, prom and even classes in a schoolroom on a weekly basis. To be honest, my daughter has four group  field trips in September. More than she had all year in school.

Oh you’re lucky you get to sleep in all day.

Ummm, no.

What about college?

Although I am not at high school level right now, if we chose to continue through high school there is accredited curriculum and dual enrollment available for home schoolers, they are also eligible for the same scholarships and grants, as a non home schooled child.

So far, that’s been what I have experienced.

Of course, I could always just say: None of your business to all of the questions, and march on my merry way….

But, people ask questions because they want answers. Kids ask questions because they want answers. We are all teachers when we take the time to answer.

Take the time to answer.

No matter what the question is. 🙂








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