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When I first started my blog, not this one but the other one from years ago, I began it as an outlet for my writing first and foremost. My blogging soon became overshadowed by food and recipes, with this site- in which I’d try to share a story or two alongside of it. I love writing and I love to share… and, recently I began to feel that if I didn’t have a new recipe- you may not want to come. So, if there was no recipe- there was no writing. I realize now how unfair that was not only to you, but to myself as well.

I have days where my heart is overcome with emotions and my mind is cluttered with thoughts, and no amount of baking will make sense of the things that can only be expressed by the language and art of words.

I like to create things: food, cupcakes and gardens. But, sometimes the things I want to create cannot be held, eaten or dug. Sometimes it’s only when I open up my mind and heart to the keyboard in front of me- that life begins to make sense. It’s a mental Spring cleaning, I suppose….

Sometimes, you get so focused on the “big picture” of life- the future, where to live, when to have kids, what to eat for dinner, what’s next…so much that you miss the joy of daily life. Lately I have been very caught up in the “where will I be in five years” mind set. Then I realized: Where was I five years ago? Was it fun getting to this five years? Who’s to say the next five will only be better? And who says there has to be a time frame for anywhere you are in life? I know that God has placed me exactly where I need to be right now. Contentment and peace- in a world that somehow forces us into a state of discontentment.

For instance, – if I were to go on Pinterest  right now I would probably see beautiful pictures of perfectly decorated rooms and closets, “strong is the new skinny” with a perfectly sculpted lingerie model, and tons of decadent deserts and healthy raw vegan meals. Intant mental bombardment and mind clutter. So, we “pin” these things for inspiration and order, but hours later… you realize you’ve just lost a portion of your day. Don’t get me wrong… I love Pinterest, and I have gotten many excellent tips and ideas on there. Have I tried them all? No. Will I ever try them all? Probably not.  But, in a way I feel like Pinterest adds to the discontentment of our society.

Be content.

So what if your cabinets are messy and unlabeled and disorganized?( I’m sure your glove box is organized)

So what if your kids eat ketchup packets with bacon? ( At least it’s got protein)

So what if your garden looks more like a overgrown weed bush collection? ( it looks better than the dump)

And, so what if once in a while you serve something that’s not from scratch ( at least you’re having dinner)

The point is; I’m not letting social sites or “inspiring” media convince me that I’m less of a person because I’m not _______ yet.  (fill in the blank: published, super skinny, crazy organized, master gardener,etc) Because the main point is: I am exactly who and what I was created to be. The next thing will come, and it will be at precisely the right time.

No…. I’m not going to sit of my rear and just wait for someone to knock on my door and offer me a cookbook or book deal. Because, let’s face it: that doesn’t happen. But a lot more happens to the people who get out there and live life. So, get out there and live your life instead of pinning everyone’s vision of what life should be. Life is what you make it. Pin that one. 🙂

Thanks for reading my vent. I’m probably PMSing, and I’m not hating on Pinterest. I just don’t want a pastime for some people end up leading to discontentment. You rock, You’re cooler than that, you know.:)

.. as far as the future of recipes here, in the next few weeks, my husband and I will be embarking on a “Daniel Fast” with our church family. It’s basically a vegan diet with no refined flours and no sweeteners. I never thought in a million years my “cave man” husband would embark on such a task. But, that is one of the amazing things that can God can do in people. It’s a pretty cool work in progress, and eventually I will share a lot more of this transformation, as it happens.

So, starting Friday, we will be on the fast. I will share what I create, and tell you if it’s cave man approved.  Fingers crossed!

Since there is no recipe… I figured I give you at least something cute and fluffy to say “Happy Spring”

Meet Penny:



ahhh…. the fluffiness…..


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