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Thanksgiving wrap up!

I have to admit something:
I’m a terrible food blogger. While  other food bloggers are prepping for Thanksgiving posts in the summer, I’m in full summer mode and simply cannot bring myself to make and photograph a Thanksgiving meal in 96F heat. And, every Thanksgiving, I intend to get great food shots and use them to post *on time* next year. However, every year I get caught in the actual  holiday.. cooking, the parade, spending time with friends and family, sipping wine,  and honestly: I don’t want to spend an hour getting the perfect shot and eat cold food. (sipping wine and photography don’t mix, either)

I totally get why other bloggers set up for Thanksgiving in July.  And, I admire them for that.

One day, I will do Thanksgiving in July. But, today this is what I’ve got: Random shots from Thanksgiving pasts, and an occasional recipe link.



untitled (814 of 3071)This was our dinner from last year.. maybe the year before? The gravy was the best I had ever made, and no- I didn’t jot down the recipe as I made it. I’m hoping to have a pen handy this year. 😉

untitled (797 of 3071)

From scratch green bean casserole:

(Although the beans needed to be cooked a bit longer…) And, this year the hubs is making the  “traditional” recipe…


If you have a guest that prefers jelled cranberry sauce, cut it using cookie cutters, for a whimsical touch. Cute, huh?

mini sweet potato pies @thevillagecookMini Sweet Potato Pies

These are great for those that are watching portions


nov2009 126Grandmother’s Biscuits

I’m actually making rolls this year, biscuits are just too filling. (sorry Grandma)

nov2009 087

The Domestic Mama’s Turkey Brine

untitled (804 of 3071)See those veggies? Hubby loves them. Keeps him off the turkey, too. (until serving time, of course)


nov2009 077Mini Cherry Tarts

I love mini desserts, because you can have one of each and not feel like a glutton.

DSC_1792Baby Pumpkin Pies

untitled (796 of 3071)Of course, there’s stuffing… I am partial to bread over cornbread and I like to add lots of veggies to it, and no meat. Too much meat going on with the Turkey, anyway.

I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!DSC_7096


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