baby pies

Last Thanksgiving, I had only had this little blog 5 months. My photography has changed, my oven has changed, and my recipes have grown. Crazy how little things can trigger a mental flashback of an entire year…

Last Thanksgiving I made the traditionals… some I love some I loathe, but do them by request.

Last Thanksgiving I made “mini pies”. Because I learned my husband likes “Desserts Without Forks.” Hey! Don’t steal that-that will be the title of my cookbook one day….personally, I am hoping for sometime before 2050….(a-hem, hello? Publishers? I’m heeeeerrrrrre!)

Mini pies are fun and easy.

You don’t need a special pan.

You can use a can-o-filling.

If you do use a can-o-filling, however; do add a dash of this and that to it. I do almond extract to cherry pie.

Little tip-o-the-day.

Here are the pies from last year:

These were made with pie crust (I can’t remember if it was bought or made…uh-oh!)  I rolled it out a bit and stuck it in muffin tins….If you’re a regular reader, I am sure you know the routine. If not, go here . You don’t have to pre-bake the crust for the cherry pies. (yippee!)

here they are pre-baked.

I also made a sweet potato pie. A whole one.

It was tasty, but this year I found one that I am going to make n morph into a mini-sweet-potato-streusel-pie. Yum.

And these baby pies….

Last year, I made cornbread stuffing. From scratch. I don’t like cornbread stuffing. I am a bread stuffing girl. This year, I’m making bread stuffing. So there.

Last year I made that green bean casserole.

I am again this year, by request. But … I’m making my roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and garlic, too.

Last year and the 6 years before that I brined my turkey. This year I am doing that, too.  I will share my brine tomorrow. It’s sorta like Alton Brown’s, but… I changed it up a bit a lot.

How about that?

Ooooo! Last night, we had tacos. We realized we were out of shredded cheese (gasp!) I whipped up a awesome nacho-cheese sauce- I can’t wait to share. Very tasty.

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